Buildings come in a variety of shapes and sizes with many different functions that can change over time. A building must fulfil the functional requirements of the user, must be constructed on time and on budget. Whatever the client, architect and consultants have conceptualised, it is our duty to make their vision a reality. Suggestions and ideas constantly exchange hands as there is always room for improvement. This ensures a professional timely completion of a contract.

Our policy is to deliver excellent performance within the client budget. This demands stringent quality control of work and meticulous on-site supervision.

TNV Construction Ltd is constantly revising their business strategy, using the latest in IT and the best of management thinking. We are always anticipating market demands that will ensure success.



Design & Build procurement is an increasingly popular option for procuring a vast range of projects both large and small. Offering a single point of responsibility for our clients, Design & Build contracts are a cost effective alternative to traditional forms of contract.

With the skills and experience of our specialist Design & Build team, you can be sure that from the first drawing to the day we handover, your project will be managed professionally ensuring a cost effective timely return.


TNV Construction Ltd recognises the importance of partnering it’s fundamentals of integrated project processes embracing design, supply and construction. The partnering approach emphasises a joint commitment to increased efficiency, innovation and reduced waste. It can also drive the project partnering team to deliver mutually beneficial incentives.

Building and maintaining a strong team is key to making partnering work. A good team produces far more than the sum of the efforts of its individual members. A poor team will often produce less. it is essential that team building and maintenance are in the minds of those charged with bringing the team together right from the beginning.

Skills and experience of our specialist ‘Design & Build’
team ensuring a smooth project from first drawing to opening day

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